Record a Video or Lecture using Zoom

Zoom is one tool which can be used to record a quick video of yourself for instructional or other presentation purposes:
Find the Zoom app on your computer, select Start Zoom; window appears with similar icons displayed here to your right.
– To start a “session” with yourself, make sure your computer has a webcam that is not blocked or covered. Click the “New Meeting” button to begin your session (If the video icon has a line across it, click it to turn on video – your face will appear on your screen)

– Click on Join with Computer Audio so Zoom will record your PC’s microphone.

– Click anywhere in your Zoom window and move your cursor so the Zoom menu below appears – menu may appear at the top or bottom of the screen. Move your cursor to the menu. You should see only one participant. ( To add or invite others – click manage participants, click invite, click copy URL, then open email and send to the meeting link to recipients )

– To start recording a session, click Record on This Computer. There will be an indicator on your screen verifying that the session is being recorded. It’s a good idea to make a brief recording first to confirm that all is working as expected.

– To end the recording, click the Stop Recording icon

– When done with your session, click End Meeting.

– An MP4 file will be saved on your local drive in its zoom directory, for example, C:\Users\tp\Documents\zoom
Another tool that can be used to record a video of yourself is your cell phone or an iPad
– Click the Camera icon on your phone, click the Record button to start recording
( physically flip and mount phone to optimally point to your face for the best resolution)

Contact if you have questions.