Focus on Logitech Cameras

The School of Social Work’s classrooms are equipped with Logitech Conference Cameras (CC3000). Use the cameras to conduct web conference or webinar sessions via an online meeting tool such as Zoom.
Also, theses cams can be used to conduct classroom recordings. Follow the introductory steps below to learn how to use the camera and its microphone:

1. Open the application that will be using the camera, for ex., if Zoom, Find the Zoom app on your computer, or .go to select Start Zoom;
2.Check “Video settings” to make sure the correct camera is selected -Change Camera to “Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000″Starting the video: The camera is controlled by the application and will start once the application is loaded. An LED will light when the video is streaming.
3. For best audio, sit about 2-3 feet away from the microphone, or move the speaker closer to participants.

For more detail – see diagram and functions below

•Pan and tilt the camera using the controls on the remote control or on the speakerphone console. Press once for incremental or press and hold for continuous pan or tilt. Caution: Do not manually rotate webcam head. Doing so may damage unit.
• Zoom the camera up to 10X by pressing the zoom button.
• Far end control: By selecting this key and downloading the application from, you may control the pan, tilt and zoom of a remote ConferenceCam CC3000e in supported applications.
• Volume: Volume Up and Down adjusts volume.
• Mute: Mute audio with Mute button.
• Calling: Run video conferencing software. Answer picks up call. Hang up ends call.
• Camera Preset: If you wish the camera to return to your own defined “home” position when reconnected to the PC, first select the position and then press and hold the Camera Preset button until the associated icon displays on the LCD and a beep plays to confirm the setting. You may also return to your defined home position at any time by pressing the Camera Preset button once.
Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e8