Top Tips Today

Will you take a short cut if you know one exists and produces the same end result? Check out the tips below that hopefully will save you time and reduce keystrokes!

To Instantly Lock Your Screen
– In Windows – Press Windows button + L to lock your computer on command before your walk away from your computer especially in a shared space – will require a password (if one was set initially) to log in again.
– On a Mac, press Cmd + Option + Power to log off. On the latest revision of macOS press Cmd + Ctrl + Q.

To minimize multiple windows at a time so you can get to your desktop
– Press Windows button + D will minimize everything you have up

To undo almost any action in Windows
– Ctrl + Z to bring back accidentally deleted text or a file

To redo an action
– press Ctrl + Y

To subscript text
– press Ctrl + =

To superscript text
– press Ctrl + Shift + =

To switch between windows
– press Ctrl + ALT