Classroom Enhancements

Classrooms 211, 213, 215, and 245 now include 70” monitors, new PCs, and cordless keyboards and mice. The additional equipment should closely match the look and feel of the traditional office desktop and operate in the same manner – turn on the monitor (remote is provided) and use the cordless keyboard and mouse to open desired software or websites. With the keyboard and mouse being cordless, you or students will be able to work at a distance in the classroom.

The classroom’s legacy equipment(AMX) setup will remain as an alternative option until its components fail. Upgrading the AMX system will not be cost-effective anymore because replacing and maintaining these components, some being proprietary, will cost significantly more than purchasing a new 70″ and PC. Please feel free to continue using the wall control units and LCD projectors if you prefer – just guide the projector screen over the 70″ monitor and use the control panel on the wall to start up the LCD projector. However, keep in mind that the AMX setup will be phased out over time.

See instructions below for a quick howto on the new additions.

Using the 70″ Smart Monitors in the Classrooms:

1. Make sure the monitor and computer are turned on – press power button on the PC; point the remote at the lower left side of the monitor 

2. If monitor is on, select the correct input for pc (please point the remote at the lower left hand-side of the screen).  

The remote and digital pens can be found on the side of the monitor.

3. Once the computer is on, please log in with your UGA MyID

4. To use the monitor as a white board open a web browser and go to or click the icon on your desktop (referring to the icon picture on the right column) Use the digital pens with the website as you would a whiteboard.

5. Laptops can be plugged into ports on the rear left-hand side of the screen. Change the input accordingly. Please change it back to the original setting when finished.