Set Up Your ArchPass Today

An ArchPass adds an extra layer of protection to the login process for your UGA account and is required to access certain UGA systems.   This additional layer process has become popular for online security and is sometimes called two- factor authentication. Effective March 12, 2018, an ArchPass is required to access eLC and UGA’s employee self service portals. Effective March 23,  ArchPass will be required to access Athena also.

A couple of steps are required to set up an ArchPass

  1. Download the Duo Mobile App to your phone using Google Play Store, Apple’s  ITunes Store, or Windows Store.
  2. Review ArchPass Site – ArchPass Guide
  3. Go to the Duo Self-service Portal to enroll  – Click Duo Portal from here
  4. or via the ArchPass site.

After the enrollment process, you are ready to use your ArchPass

  1. Go to the system which requires the ArchPass and login with your UGA MyId and password
  2. Tab to the third line to enter your method of choice to verify your id via Duo.


Mar 12, 2018 – access to and requires ArchPass.  Mar 23, 2018,  ArchPass is required to access Athena.