Expand Access via vLAB for Additional Software

An extension of on campus physical computer lab can be achieved by visiting UGA’s vLab or virtual lab.   Students, faculty, and staff can use the vLAB (offered and maintained by EITS) to access popular software from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop without having to go to any computer lab or be concerned about closing hours.

Using your MyID and electronic device, follow the steps below to access MS Office, SPSS and other software.

Open a Web Browser on your Desktop

1. Visit vlab.uga.edu

2. Login using your UGA MyID and password

3. Click on the icon that pops up once logged in

For a Smartphone/ Tablet:

1. Download Citrix Receiver from either the Google Play Store or the Apple iOS App store

2. Open Citrix Receiver once downloaded.

3. You should then be directed to the main vLab home page

Here is some of the software that is available via vLab:

  • Microsoft Office
  • SPSS
  • EndNote
  • LabStats
  • TurningPoint AnyWhere 2008
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • MatLab

MatLab description:

When it comes to high mathematical computation, even the most powerful of hand held calculators would not be able compute certain equations. MatLab, a high computational programming language might be a solution.  It was designed in the 1970’s to tackle the biggest of mathematical computations. Here is a list of some of the things that can be done with MatLab:

  • Matrix Manipulations
  • Plotting functions and data
  • Implementation of Algorithms
  • creating User Interfaces