Sway- The New Way To Present

Have you ever wanted to share your story, or even just find a new way to present information? Look no further, because Sway is the way to go for all your presentation and story needs! Created and recently released by Microsoft, Sway is a new way to present, and is changing how you present content. Through more customization and a more varied user interface, users are able to create breathtaking presentations that flow ever so smoothly. Since it is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, students, faculty, and staff all have access to it for free. Whether it be to share a timeless memory or to present quarterly reports to a board, Sway can provide you the tools and the variety to create a modern, engaging presentation for all. One of the most key features of Sway is the versatility it has when it comes to different devices. One of the key features of Sway is that it adapts to any device. For example, the changes you make on a smartphone to your Sway presentation will be reshaped to a computer monitor size. Along with this, the collaboration tool makes it easier than ever to work on the same Sway presentation with a group of people.

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