Control Classroom Equipment via Touch Panels

AMXOptions – Classrooms in the SSW building are equipped with AMX Touch Panels. These panels provide a simple and quick means for instructors to use the classroom’s projector and other connected equipment.

The touch panel is the link between you and the room’s projector, DVD player and/or laptop.  From the touch panel you can control the projector and its audio volume in minutes.

Here’s a quick what’s what to help you get started right away.

After bringing down the projector screen, turn your attention to the AMX control panel mounted on the wall nearest the equipment.


Tap the panel to wake it up. When you see an image similar to the one above, press ON (6). You should hear a faint whirring sound. This is the sound of the projector turning on.  Select a display setting  (1-5). In almost all cases you should use setting 1: “Desktop Computer.”  The rest of the panel number functions are outlined below.

1.  Desktop Computer: This is the setting that you will use the most. Press this button to project whatever is displayed on the computer’s monitor. After pressing this setting, the panel may ask if the computer is on.  Make sure the computer is turned on and awake (press the keyboard space bar a couple of times) to begin projecting. Then log in to the computer with your UGA credentials.  If all goes well, you will see the monitor’s image on the screen! It’s that easy.
2.  Laptop VGA: Allows you to project a laptop’s screen by connecting it to the supplied VGA cable.
3.  Laptop HDMI: Allows you to project a laptop’s screen by connecting it to the supplied HDMI cable.
4.  DVD, CD AND BluRay: With this setting you begin projecting from the DVD player inside the cabinet that houses the computer. There should be a black remote control on the cabinet to control the DVD player.
5.  Auxiliary Inputs: This setting will [delete] allows you to connect devices which require the supplied red, white, and yellow auxiliary cables (video cameras, [add comma] for example).
6.  ON: Pressing this will turn on the projector if it is not on already. You may get one of two messages after you press this. The first informs you that the projector will take 120 seconds to begin. And the second notifies you that the project’s bulb is currently hot. Both of these messages are expected and [delete] mean that the touch panel is working correctly!
7.  OFF: Pressing this will turn off the projector.
8.  BLANK: Press this to temporarily stop projecting whatever is on the monitor without actually turning the projector off. This is useful if you need to find something on your email account and you don’t want the entire class to see your emails. If you want to turn off the projector for more than 10 minutes, then use the OFF option. Otherwise, just press BLANK once to hide the screen and one more time to bring it back up.
9.  VOLUME: This is the volume control for the projector. You can either control the volume of the projector on the control panel or you can use the volume control of the connected device.
Don’t forget to turn off the projector when you are done using it!

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