MS OneDrive – Store Your Files in the Cloud

Your UGAmail account offers you access to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, which includes OneDrive for Business, a cloud-based solution for storing, syncing and sharing files.  This service offers you 1 TB of storage to back up any work files ( non-critical) you may have on your computer or share drives. OneDrive for Business is a great resource to tap into right now to back up files or while going through a transitional period.

The best way to access this service is to log into using your UGA MyID.  Locate the blue square top left which includes nine white squares called the apps launcher, click it, and select the OneDrive icon to open it.  Click the Upload link and select the files you want to upload and click Open.  Copy or drag the files from your local computer to your OneDrive in the cloud.

OneDrive provides you access to your account and files from any device at any time. So, if you are working on a document at work and leave for the day, upload the document to your one drive to continue your work from a computer or laptop or even your phone. When logged into OneDrive, press the “Sync” button to synchronize your drive across all of your connected devices.

Also with OneDrive, you will be able to share your files or keep them private. All file uploads will be private by default. To share a file, first upload it. Next, right click on the file name and wait for a window to pop up. At the bottom of this window will be a button titled “share.” When you click that you will be presented with a screen asking what kind of share settings you want to provide. You can share it with everyone or just a few specific people.

For more information on Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business, click here . If you need help with backing up your files, contact ITS staff at

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