Reserve the Video Taping Lab

Often, Social Work students find themselves needing to record a video for one of their classes.  The School of Social Work IT Department offers a video taping space which can be reserved in thirty minute increments. 

All that is needed from you is outlined below:

  • The date and time you (or your team) would like to use the lab
  • A flash drive or a  DVD-R or DVD-RW with sufficient free space (about 2 GB)

Remember, the lab is only accessible Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  Time limits will not be enforced on the lab unless the lab is experiencing abnormally high traffic on the day you reserve; still, we recommend that you select a block of no more than 30 minutes.

To reserve the video lab:

  1. Navigate to  in your web  browser.  You should be greeted by a calendar of the current week.
  2. Find the day and time slot which you’d like to reserve.  If your day is part of another week, you can navigate to the following weeks by simply clicking on arrows on the upper left side and/or upper right of the page. 
  3. Once you’ve found the day and time slot you want, click on the corresponding slot. Upon clicking on button that corresponds the time slot you chose, you will be prompted to enter your name, names of participants, instructor’s name and your UGA email address.
  4. When you have submitted your reservation, you will be returned to the weekly calendar view page.  Your event should now appear at your designated time with the event title “Video Lab Reservation”.  Please write down the time you reserved.

To access the lab, come to the 2nd floor help desk in the SSW building and ask one of the tech analysts to let you in, or, if they are unavailable, please see Robert in room 205 or Sindhuri in room 217.

Also, please note that the video recording room is room 209 and not 217 (as shown in the tutorial video here). A new video will be updated soon.

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