Safe Emailing

Safe emailing can be aligned with habits we are taught early on in life, such as, never trust strangers.  This life skill can be applied likewise when using email.

1. Do not open email attachments from a stranger.

2. Never click on a link within an email from a stranger.

3. Never click on a strange email attachment or files ending in .exe, .bat, .msi, or .com extension.  These are program or application files and clicking on them will activate or run the program or virus and can cause havoc to your files and pc.

4. Never download or open a a strange attached file in an email you weren’t expecting to receive.

5. Never click on “Unsubscribe” on an email that you suspect to be from a stranger denoting spam or junk mail. This will just tell the stranger or  spammers that your email address is valid and active and you may end up getting more junk mail.

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